Extra Information

NYCDA Weekly Draw members receive a lot of this information in their welcome packs on joining, but for transparency and ease here are some specific items of information that develop some of the answers seen in the FAQs section of the website. Below we go into a little more detail on a range of topics including the prize fund breakdown, the system behind the weekly draw and information relating to the likelihood of winning a prize.

What are the prizes?

  Current Covid 19 restrictions Prize FundNormal Prize Fund
No Rollover£500 Rollover (max of £10,000)
No £250£250
£25£25 x 2
£10 x 10£10 x 65

How are the prizes determined?

  • After compilation by the Admin team and ensuring through the Tower Lottery System that all members entered are in sufficient credit, the members inputted into the prize draw are signed off by a member of the NYCDA board to make sure the draw is fair
  • The prize draw takes place every Wednesday by 2pm, but the board reserves the right for some leeway here due to unforeseen circumstances
  • The draw is undertaken by a ‘random number generator’ that is provided and facilitated by industry experts Tower Lottery Solutions
  • The draw results are signed off my members of the NYCDA board, before information is distributed to members, beneficiaries and other stakeholders

Likelihood of winning?

  • We all know that members play out of loyalty and love for the chosen beneficiary and the great work that cause does in the local community. Many beneficiary partners offer additional benefits to members as a thank you for their support, as well as a whole range of none cash prizes. That said it is important we are transparent with the likelihood of winning a cash prize on the NYCDA Weekly Draw. Info below:
    • Current Covid restrictions related prize fund = 1 in 1071*
    • Historic £3600 prize fund = 1 in 347*
    • Please be aware that additional NYCDA Weekly Draw non-cash prizes are available, which are drawn on a weekly and monthly basis. This significantly increases your chances of winning
      • *Figures are calculated by dividing the total membership by the number of prizes available
For more information about any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff via [email protected] or 01204 357 010